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Thank you for visiting the Mayo Demonstration School online application. On this page you will find a few instructions to get you started with the application.

Before beginning the application, we ask that you read our Requirements & Policies.

The entry point for Mayo is PreK.

Applications for all other grades will be available at the Enrollment Center during the April 4-22 transfer window.    At the end of the year, if there is space available, the school will select available applicants for grades K-5.

Parents must tour Mayo Demonstration prior to completing a transfer application.  When you take the tour, you will be given a tour form signed by the principal to turn in with your application.  Contact the school at 918-925-1500 for information regarding dates for the tours.

This school does offer an After Care program.  If you need additional information, please contact the Before/After Care office at 918-833-9570.

Esta escuela ofrece el programa de Guardería después de las horas de clases. Si necesita información adicional por favor comuníquese a la oficina de Guardería al tel. 918-833-9570.

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The Online Registration & Choice Transfers Office would like to assure all applicants that the information gathered on this application is kept confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside our office.



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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals and make positive contributions to our world.